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Ruth Spradbery founded Recycled By: during lockdown when she realised, for many reasons, that in today’s world, second-hand can be the first choice. She hopes the iconic Recycled By: charm will soon be as desirable as the brands stocked.


At Recycled By: my goal is to make recycled fashion even more desirable than new so that together we can combat the environmental hazards of fashion and purchase preloved proudly.


  1. Improve the environment for generations to come

  2. Democratise high-end fashion

  3. Normalize purchasing preloved

  4. Support underprivileged children through our partner charity, Indigo Children’s Fund


Recycled By: purchases reputable high-end fashion pieces locally, sends them to XYZ for authentication, adds a simple, but classic Recycled By: charm, and prices them fairly for resale. The business is run at social events in the United Kingdom, from well-known hotels in Southampton to sophisticated clubs in London. Subscribe to our newsletter to be updated as new events arise near you!